POT supports local tourism organisations and tourism industry companies

Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) continues to take actions intended to help tourism industry recover from the crisis triggered by the pandemic. Among these initiatives, mention is due to the December series of webinars aimed at members of local tourism organisations and other industry companies operating in their area.

POT supports local tourism organisations and tourism industry companies

The workshop was dedicated to issues related to good practices in the field of managing tourism businesses and tourism promotion during the pandemic and once it is over.

The list of issues presented during the webinars includes, i.a.:

  • Effective image-related promotion of regions during the pandemic;
  • Tourism offer promotion and packages in the context of the Polish Tourist Voucher;
  • Promotional social media activities during the lockdown;
  • Workforce redeployment as a tool of tackling unemployment caused by the pandemic;
  • How to encourage tourists to come in the post-pandemic period?
  • Effective e-marketing - reopening business after the pandemic, new offer and products;
  • Good innovation practices - evolution of present-day tourism products into tourism experiences.

The workshop was attended by delegates of 20 local tourism organisations (as many as 400 participants in total). The knowledge gained during the meetings will improve the competencies of their audience. As a result, companies associated as part of local tourism organisations will gain competitive advantage in the tourism market and will find it easier to carry out their tasks and plans in the future.

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