POT supports and promotes the #CityWillWait campaign

Polish Tourism Organisation supports the #CityWillWait project of local tourism organisations run by cities. Aimed at the domestic and international market, the campaign promotes highlights and tourism venues of Poland’s major metropolises.


Local tourism organisations representing cities of Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań and Warsaw launched the #CityWillWait project intended to emphasise the tourist attractiveness of particular destinations and encourage tourists to visit them in the future.

Staying at home is a recommended solution in face of the current threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 disease. The #CityWillWait undertaking promises tourists that participating cities will be ready to host them once travel restrictions are lifted. Aimed at sustaining interest in travel and the tourism offer of cities, the campaign adopts consistent and original visual identification promoted via online portals and social media.

As part of the initiative, Gdańsk Tourism Organisation, Łódź Tourism Organisation, Poznań Local Tourism Organisation and Warsaw Tourism Organisation promote the offer of associated businesses involved in and related to tourism, such as museums, cultural venues, theme parks and accommodation providers. The list of actions includes, i.a. arranging virtual tours and online posting of photos, panoramic maps and promo videos. 

The discussed project is also open for other cities, which are expected to join the group of founding members. Lublin and Toruń are the first ones to have already done so.

Polish Tourism Organisation supports the campaign and actively promotes it in the domestic and international market. We are also looking forward to the involvement of successive destinations, with Kraków and Wrocław at the top of the list.

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