POT’s webinars promote Poland in the Italian market

Polish Tourism Organisation conducted the second in a series of webinars aimed at the Italian industry and intended to introduce travel agents to the offer of Polish cities and regions distinguished by stunning natural features. The webinars were designed as a training tool offering concrete proposals of thematic routes focused on significant historical figures (Pope John Paul II and Frederic Chopin in the case of the first webinar) and attractive wonders of nature as yet undiscovered by tourists from Italy (Podlasie, Warmia and Masuria in the case of the second webinar).


Natural assets are now particularly appealing for Italian travel agents looking for proposals suitable for tourists who miss travelling but also prefer destinations guaranteeing optimal epidemiological safety - green, with a wide range of open-air activities, exotic and unique from the Italian perspective.

This group of tourists is interested in programmes centred on nature or tours of historical cities providing them with a unique experience that cannot be duplicated in their homeland. This is why the second webinar focused on emphasising the fact that the offer of the showcased regions (Podlasie, Warmia and Masuria) is simply unmatched in Europe or anywhere else in the world. In addition, the meeting presented readymade five-day itineraries developed in cooperation between Polish Tourism Organisation’s International Office in Rome and tourist organisations representing the two regions. In both cases the programmes included flights to and from the Warsaw airport along with highlights such as a kayak trip down the Krutynia and Bug rivers or the Augustowski Canal, tours of mediaeval castles, the Elbląg Canal, wildlife viewing, a cruise of the Great Masurian Lakes district, visits to the Białowieski, Narwiański and Biebrzański National Parks, as well as a route of wooden churches and mosques in Podlasie.

As Italians are very fond of food tourism, attention was also drawn to the rich corresponding offer of the two regions, their exceptional cuisine and traditional ingredients, Finally, the webinars included information about the current situation in Poland, how it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic and prepares for the arrival of foreign guests.

The webinars were attended by about 170 participants. POT’s Rome-based International Office is planning a subsequent webinar and an online training course in the fall.

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