POT’s campaign in China promotes Chopin tourism highlights

Polish Tourism Organisation partnered up with Tuniu, one of China’s leading online travel agencies and tourism portals, to conduct an information campaign in the Chinese. Its main theme involves tourism highlights related to Frederic Chopin and trip proposals for Chinese tourists planning to visit Poland.  

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2020 is an exceptional year for all fans of classical music and Frederic Chopin in particular, as we are celebrating the 210th anniversary of the composer’s birthday and the 10th anniversary of Chopin Museum opening in Warsaw. The 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition was also originally scheduled to take place this year. The Beijing-based International Office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) decided to take advantage of this year’s celebrations and promote Chopin tourism in the Chinese market.  

POT’s International Office rolled out a series of actions intent to reach both tourism industry and individual travellers with their message. Its e-learning platform for tour operators now features a new course dedicated to destinations connected with Chopin and the skills necessary to build an agenda on their basis. International Office staff members are visiting the headquarters of their business partners to host training sessions on Chopin tourism and promote corresponding offer at trade shows and industry workshops.

To reach the widest possible audience with the offer of Chopin heritage tours of Poland, a three-month information campaign was launched in cooperation with Tuniu, one of China’s leading online travel agencies and tourism portals. The project is based on a landing page in Tuniu’s booking application, showcasing tourism highlights connected with Chopin and ready-to-go itineraries.

In addition, three new tour agendas connected with Chopin tourism have been introduced to the offer of Tuniu whose staff were trained in developing successive thematic products. The discussed partnership also encompasses live streaming from a studio and co-branding of a limited edition of headphone cases by 1More, an audio device company endorsed by stakeholder Jay Chou, one of China’s top singers. The campaign is expected to generate more than 108 million views of ad content.

The discussed undertaking is supported by the International Office’s independent social media activity, such as live streaming from the Chopin Museum in cooperation with Sina Weibo or posting Chopin concerts on social media channels courtesy of Time for Chopin and Chopin Point. Last but not least, a special line of gadgets connected with Frederic Chopin is based on the work of Polish illustrator Magdalena Pankiewicz.

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