POT Promotes Tourism Close to Nature in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Promoting active nature holidays in Poland was the focus of a recent online campaign that the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) ran in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The core elements of the project were podcasts recorded by influential Russian travellers and tourism bloggers.

A meeting summarizing the campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisation continues its promotional activity in international markets. The POT International Office in Moscow recently ran an extensive online campaign in the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakhstani markets to promote slow-style incoming tourism to Poland as well as nature holidays.

The core of this promotional project comprised podcasts recorded by influential Russian travellers and tourism bloggers. The campaign was supplemented by an Instagram competition organised by the POT International Office in Moscow, with attractive prizes that were distributed during a lottery at a meeting summing up the programme.

In view of the global pandemic being in its second year, outdoor activities, products focusing on nature and wildlife, rural tourism and, more broadly, slow travel, authenticity, responsible and sustainable tourism, have become a growing trend. Given that pandemic-related rules and restrictions change frequently, travel decisions are often made at the last minute. Hence the need to continue fuelling international tourists’ interest in Poland.

Seeing as the EU’s external borders remain closed to visitors from the east, the ongoing activity is primarily aimed at consolidating the positive image of Poland as an attractive tourist destination and a safe and affordable country, which will help revive tourist traffic after the pandemic.

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