POT promotes Poland in the Chinese town of Dalian

Polish Tourism Organisation participated in the CEEC Economic and Trade Cooperation Symposium in Dalian, where it entered a strategic partnership agreement with Hways Overseas Travel, the largest and longest-operating Dalian-based foreign travel agency.


The memorandum signing was accompanied by additional events intended to continue the promotion of Polish tourism offer. Our representatives met with staff of Dalian’s tourism and culture bureau to discuss trends impacting the tourism exchange between the two destinations and the opportunities for mutual promotional support. We also held a short training session presenting Poland’s essential tourist highlights, which was aimed at representatives of Dalian’s most important travel agencies.

With a population of 6 million Dalian is located in the Liaoning province (Northeast China) right next to the Yellow Sea. It is renowned for its eye-catching coastline, one of China’s key ports and numerous bilateral investments between the city and Poland. Taking into consideration the purchasing power of its residents and their affinity for spending active time in the outdoors, Poland offers a wide range of tourist products matched to these specific requirements. We are very happy to see more and more towns in China (even the smaller ones) recognising the potential of developing brand-new tourist products involving Poland. This testifies to the growing interest shown in our country by Chinese tourists and the enormous potential of further development.

Established in 1988, Hways Overseas Travel was on numerous times ranked among top 100 Chinese travel agencies. At present, Hways is interested in making trips to Poland a part its offer as the very first agency in Dalian. For this reason Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) plans to get its International Office in Beijing involved in closer cooperation aimed at promoting our destination in the Chinese seaside city and in research into local travellers’ requirements connected with staying in Poland.

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