POT promotes Poland at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas

Virtuoso Travel Week, one of the largest and most prestigious events of North America’s tourism industry, was staged in Las Vegas and attracted a total of 6,500 participants: travel agents, tour operators, service providers and national tourism organisations. POT was present to promote Poland along with other countries of the Visegrad Group (V4).

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In addition to Virtuoso Travel Week, the 2019 joint promotional campaign of Visegrad Group member states encompasses a series of webinars and activities advertising the Discover Central Europe e-learning platform. In the case of a market as substantial as the U.S. and Canada, joining forces with other countries offers a much greater impact in marketing communication.

Virtuoso Travel Week is among the most esteemed industry events and the list of its participants undergoes a strict selection process. The event’s formula is to a large degree focused on individual talks. After all, intimate meetings provide the best method of passing on knowledge about tourist products and informing about currencies used in a given destination and safety levels. During talks specialists representing the V4 countries also answer queries about local transportation, accommodation and showcase the latest highlights. Finally, meetings staged at Virtuoso Travel Week provide an opportunity to establish closer business cooperation.

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