POT Promotes Active Tourism During Tokyo Olympics

The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) is using the opportunity offered by the ongoing Olympic Games in Tokyo to promote active tourism. An information and image campaign is being run on social media at home and abroad, the pretext for each day’s posts being that day’s Olympic events.

Graphics of the POT campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisation is inviting social media visitors to discover Poland’s many fantastic options for active tourism. We present our country’s beauty and its diverse offering through references to the competitions in Tokyo. This information and image campaign is being run in Poland and on all the international markets where the POT conducts regular marketing activity.

The core of the campaign involves posts encouraging people to visit Poland and take part in different kinds of active tourism. Each message refers to the sports disciplines in which athletes in Tokyo compete on a given day. The leading product areas include water tourism attractions and aquaparks, cycling, golf courses, active beach tourism, horseback riding, yachting, trekking and climbing as well as jogging and running events.

The POT is running the campaign through social media and its own resources, namely the channel on Facebook and the tourism profiles of its international offices. Alongside the themed posts, Poland is promoted as a destination with the help of photos carefully selected to highlight the beauty of our country. The campaign will continue until 8 August.

Active tourism is a key theme of many holiday trips. It is especially popular among tourists from Western European markets who declare a wish to visit Poland. Despite the pandemic, the Polish Tourism Organisation is working to fuel interest in incoming tourism to Poland and to promote an up-to-date tourism offering adjusted to meet current safety needs.

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