POT promoted Wrocław’s tourist highlights in London

On Tuesday afternoon Polish Tourism Organisation together with the Association for Independent Tour Operators (AITO) staged a promotional meeting presenting the tourist assets of Wrocław.


Aimed at both AITO members and trade media and companies operating in the tourism sector, the meeting was opened by speeches given by Iwona Białobrzycka (Head of the London-based Polish Tourism Organisation International Office) and Derek Moore, who emphasized the fact that even though UK residents remain relatively unfamiliar with Wrocław, the city is so versatile that it simply needs to be included in the sales offer of attending tour operators.

It was also accentuated that the capital of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia) is recommended not only for travelers preferring short weekend getaways, but also those tourists who think about a longer stay. After the official section, the invited guests had a chance to sample quintessentially Polish dishes and listened to exceptional tales connected with the Daquise restaurant, which hosted the event. Dating back to 1947 Daquise is London’s longest-operating Polish restaurant. Similarly to Poland itself, it boasts a captivating if complicated history.

At the end of the meeting all guests received bags with brochures about Poland and small gifts. The London event will be continued by an AITO conference to be held in Wrocław in autumn which is expected to draw approx. 150 members of the Association.

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