POT promoted Polish offer at Salon Tourisme Voyages

Polish Tourism Organisation participated in the Salon Tourisme Voyages international tourism and travel show, which wrapped up in Montreal. The event is among the largest meetings of its kind in Canada and one of the most important ones in North America.


Residents of the French-speaking part of Canada are enormously interested in trips to Central Europe, with particular emphasis on Poland. “This is precisely the reason why we staged a workshop targeting the tourist industry of the Québec province” explains Tomasz Rudomino, Head of Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Paris, who emphasises that “The strategic goal is to reinforce the market position of the Polish tourist offer present in the portfolio of local travel bureaux”.

Due to the language and culture specificity of Canada, the Polish episode in Montreal was prepared by POT international offices based in New York and Paris. The event also involved Polish tour operators: Destination Pologne and Promenada. The seat of the Republic of Poland’s consulate hosted a presentation on Polish tourist highlights connected with a tasting session. Canadian guests could try out Polish specialties and were particularly interested in our offer of medical and active tourism, including RV tours. It is worth mentioning that Salon Tourisme Voyages featured more than 400 exhibitors. A strong European presence was co-created by agencies from Germany, Croatia, Greece, France and Italy, among other destinations, showcasing their services. “With so many competitors we want to make sure that our offer reaches Canadian travellers thanks to its supreme quality”, said Rudomino.

The three-day event in Montreal was attended by 40,000 visitors.

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