POT promoted Polish campsites in the Netherlands

Polish Tourism Organisation’s highly successful promotional campaign in December assured Dutch travellers that in the forthcoming season they should visit campgrounds in the region of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia). The project was developed in cooperation with ASCI, the Netherland’s leading campsite specialist.

An example of a publication from a campaign promoting campsites

Conducted via newsletters, print and online publications, and social media posts, the campaign reached an audience of 154,000, with more than 350 people reaching out to the Amsterdam-based International Office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) asking for information packs about the campsite offer of Poland and the region in question, as well as the latter’s tourist highlights.

Showcasing the breathtaking character of Dolny Śląsk and its capital of Wrocław, the articles also included recommendations of ACSI inspectors, who used their own experience gained when staying in Poland to suggest particularly noteworthy must-sees.

This is the second campsite-focused campaign that POT’s International Office in Amsterdam staged last year in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Promoting trips to Małopolska, the previous project was also very popular among its target audience, with more than 450 readers ordering information packs.  

Camping has always been something of a national favourite in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with as many as 3.5 million Dutch tourists considering it the best way of spending holidays. Furthermore, the pandemic additionally boosted the popularity of this form of travel, with RV sales skyrocketing last year. In the 2021 season Dutch campers will be looking for attractive destinations that are safe, not very far from home and boast a diverse natural heritage. The success of the two discussed campaigns confirms that Dutch travellers recognise Poland’s impressive potential related to caravan tourism. Importantly, it also perceived as a destination that meets all of the abovementioned criteria.

In 2021 POT’s International Office in Amsterdam is planning to launch a third campaign staged in cooperation with ACSI, promoting Poland’s campsites, national parks and successive regions. Poland’s profile on the Eurocampings portal will be considerably expanded, with GPS coordinates for the most interesting tours.

Dating back to 1965 and specialising in camping information, ACSI is a top player in the European market. Its branch in the Kingdom of the Netherlands publishes campsite guides and magazines and maintains a lively online presence by operating a portal, social media and applications posting practical information aimed at camping enthusiasts. ACSI Touroperating stages holiday packages for campers, including tours of Poland.  

In addition, ACSI evaluates campsites, with more than 330 inspectors each year taking to the road to assess 10,000 campgrounds. Their recommendations were also included in the discussed promotional campaigns to build customer trust. Direct bookings of Polish campsites can be made through the ACSI and Eurocampings portals.

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