POT promoted Poland during the Open Day of European Institutions

The Open Day of European Institutions took place in Brussels. The Polish Tourism Organisation used the event to present our travel offer. Among the things you could find on our national stand, there were plenty of materials on Polish culture, history and traditional food.

Open days of EU institutions

Every year just ahead of Europe Day (9 May), the European institutions open their doors to the public. And so this year on 7 May, the Polish Tourism Organisation actively promoted Poland in Brussels. For the first time, the Council hosted a country from outside the EU, as Poland was sharing its stand with Ukraine.

The Polish stand was set up by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union in cooperation with partners, including the POT International Office in Brussels. Representatives of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union were also present at the stand.

The Polish presentation  enjoyed a great popularity and visitors were happy to talk about Polish culture, history and tourism. Many participated in the Polish-Ukrainian knowledge quiz and tried Polish treats. The Ambassador Andrzej Sadoś and the Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union, Vsevolod Chentsov, visited the stand.

According to the organisers’ estimates, the event was attended by 7,920 guests. The turnout was considered to be very high, especially since one had to register in advance, unlike before the pandemic.

The events of that weekend were covered by, among others, TVP, RMF FM and Polish Radio, as well as the local Polish-language TV station Pepe TV.

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