POT promoted Poland at the Festival of Diplomacy in Italy

Staged as part of a virtual edition of the Festival of Diplomacy on 26 October, the Polish-themed “Aperitif at the Embassy” event acted as an opportunity to promote the diversity, cuisine and natural assets of the region of Podlasie.

 Aperitif at the Embassy

Attended by Barbara Minczewa, Deputy Head of the Rome-based International Office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT), the event covered mutual Polish-Italian relations and the economic challenges posed by the pandemic, with emphasis on tourism. The agenda also included the positive trend of increasingly numerous Italian tourists travelling to Poland and solutions undertaken by the country and POT in these challenging times. Among the latter, mention is due to, i.a. the “Safe venue” self-certificate logo introduced with hotels and MICE venues in mind. Possible scenarios for the future, focusing on expanding the tourist offer and strictly matching it to tourists’ expectations, were also debated along with proposals of solutions ensuring safety.

The event in question applied the formula of an aperitif serving Polish cuisine and drinks with żubrówka vodka liqueur, providing an opportunity to introduce guests to the diversity and cultural and natural attractiveness of the voivodeship of Podlasie and the unique Białowieski National Park.

This has already been the third time that POT’s Rome-based International Office took part in a meeting centred on exchanging experiences and concepts and on cooperation between Poland’s diplomatic missions in Italy and representatives of Italian public and self-government institutions. Previously it was involved in the Business Focus: Polonia conference at Fiera del Levante exhibition in Bari (in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the region of Apulia, Polish-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Warsaw Chamber of Commerce) and a webinar staged with the region of Lombardy and Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Milan.

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