POT President on health tourism

President of the Polish Tourism Organisation Dr Robert Andrzejczyk spoke on the Polish Radio Three channel about health tourism, which each year is becoming an increasingly significant component of tourism as a whole. Andrzejczyk stressed that a combination of free time and health treatments is a worldwide trend – this is the reason why the Polish Tourism Organisation is becoming engaged in supporting Polish entrepreneurs involved in health tourism industry.  


During the “Extremely important project” show on Polish Radio Three President of the Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) Dr Robert Andrzejczyk explained just how essential tourism is for the Polish economy, adding that at present free time is often connected with other fields, to mention only health treatments. At the same time, Dr Andrzejczyk described the involvement of POT and declared that cooperation with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości) involves the promotion on select foreign markets of Polish small and medium-sized enterprises representing the healthcare industry.   

 “The Polish Tourism Organisation is a government institution, whose prime task is the promotion of Poland as an attractive tourist destination. Please keep in mind that tourism signifies not only leisure and vacations, but, first and foremost, a large and dynamically developing branch of the Polish economy, currently responsible for 6% of the Polish GDP“, said the President of POT. Andrzejczyk explained that POT implements, i.a. a tourism industry program endorsing healthcare as part of the sub-measure of promoting economy upon the basis of Polish product brands. 

 “We attempt to back enterprises chiefly by means of trade fairs held abroad. In the case of health tourism this is a fundamental tool because it concerns the wellbeing of the patient; this is also the reason why direct contact is indispensable, a fact indicated by our Polish enterprises, which need support in such contacts”, said Dr Robert Andrzejczyk. At the same time, he accentuated that next year POT will take part in fairs held in nine countries. “At each fair we have a national stand also displaying the offer of Poland’s health tourism industry brand”, added the President of POT.

 The broadcasters inquired also about the most acknowledged elements of health tourism. Observations indicate that dental service enjoys greatest popularity, but Dr Andrzejczyk draws attention that already today it is possible to observe a rising interest in more complicated treatments, e.g. cardiac surgery. “The spa & wellness field, in which Poland proposes a remarkably wide offer, is also growing rapidly. In the nearest future we will be observing a highly dynamic development of this particular sector”, added the President of POT.  

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