POT President New Member of European Travel Commission Board

The 102nd General Meeting of the European Travel Commission chose new members of the ETC board of directors. They include the president of the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT), Rafał Szlachta. The term in office covers the years 2022–2023.

Rafał Szlachta

The latest ETC board of directors meeting and 102nd General Meeting took place online. The topics included approving the organisation’s action programme and budget for 2022 and electing new members of the ETC board of directors for the years 2022–2023. POT President Rafał Szlachta was appointed member of the board representing Central Europe.

“It is a great honour and an enormous privilege. Thank you for the trust; I promise lots of hard work for the development of European tourism, especially in this very dynamic, post-pandemic period”, POT President Rafał Szlachta said. “It is extremely valuable that Poland will be an active participant at the centre of tourism decision-making at the European level. I’d also like to congratulate all the other newly elected members of the board. We have some exciting challenges before us”, he added.

The new appointments also included representatives of Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, San Marino, Malta, and Ireland.

The meeting approved Austria’s return as an ETC member as of 1 January 2022, and discussed current and future relations and collaboration between the ETC and the European Commission. The preliminary dates for future meetings were also set.

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