POT presents Poland’s inbound offer for Chinese tour operators

Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Beijing took part in a tourist offer presentation at a lavish gala staged by HCG International Travel Group Co. Ltd., one of the three largest suppliers of European tourist products in the Chinese market.

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Tourist products, whose launch is planned for 2019, were introduced to 600 partner travel agencies representing the region of North China. The Beijing office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) showcased a selection of Poland’s tourist highlights, starting with the offer of major cities (Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk or Wrocław) of strategic importance for the Chinese market. Travel agency representatives expressed considerable interest in new ways of touring Poland, which for the tourists from the Middle Kingdom might act as an intriguing alternative to itineraries using familiar, more conventional routes.

The discussed presentation also involved proposals related to tourism in regions of outstanding environmental value, including the Tatra Mountains, which in particular attracted the attention of spectators. Lake Morskie Oko was selected as one of the filming locations of popular Chinese reality show 20-Something Adventurers, which will be broadcast for Chinese audience in mid-February.

Transportation connectivity is an essential factor that to a large degree determines the volume of sales of Poland’s inbound tourist products in Asian countries. The options of launching additional direct flights between Poland and China was among the topics discussed by representatives of Chinese travel bureaus during the meeting.

POT’s office in Beijing was one of the two national tourist organisations invited to participate in the HCG International Travel Group Co. Ltd. meeting.

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