POT presents new qualitative research on demand for cycling tourism

Polish Tourism Organisation’s latest report on bicycling tourism is now available. This time it takes an in-depth look at the perspective of cycling tourism enthusiasts, including their heretofore cycling trip experiences, assessment of Poland’s infrastructure and expectations for bike tour offers.

 The cover of the report on cycling tourism

The study also presents a summary of cycling trip organisers’ opinions about Poland’s current conditions for cycling tourism and its development perspectives. The report has been compiled on the basis of interviews conducted in September 2020, already after the highly unusual summer season affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Inspired by the increasing popularity enjoyed by active tourism, including cycling tourism, in 2019 Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna) became involved in research exploring the subject matter of bicycle touring in Poland. As a result, it commissioned the study on, i.a. the “Analysis of bicycle tourism supply in 2019” and - a year later - an update on the 2020 supply. POT purchased data from the Target Group Indeks study, which became the basis of a picture of the segment of domestic tourists interested in Poland’s offer of cycling leisure. In addition, it collected information on the potential of the segment of inbound bicycle tourists hailing from the markets where POT’s International Offices operate. The latest qualitative research report on the demand for cycling tourism complements the earlier projects and makes the market analysis complete.

To access the research report on the demand for cycling tourism and all the earlier studies, see Turystyka rowerowa w Polsce - raport z badania jakościowego dla POT

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