POT in Kyiv encouraged traveling to Poland for health reasons

At Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference staged in Kyiv on 1-3 October Polish Tourism Organisation promoted the health-targeted offer of Polish resorts, spa & wellness venues, and hospitals.


Arranged by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) as part of a project promoting health-targeted services (sub-measure 3.3.2: Smart Growth Operational Programme “Promotion of economy based on Polish brand products – Polish Economy Brand”), the national stand showcased an extensive offer presenting Poland as a noteworthy destination for health-related stays. Promotion and information focused on the offer of health resorts, hospitals and hotels with spa facilities located all over Poland.

The stand was visited by representatives of Ukrainian healthcare facilities wishing to learn more about the portfolio of Polish health resorts. In addition, Poland drew the attention of Chinese delegates. Inquiries of guests visiting the stand concerned the detailed offer of treating respiratory tract infections, endocrine disorders and available cancer treatment options. The scope of orthopedic, rehabilitation and ophthalmic treatments was also discussed.
In addition, visitors could obtain comprehensive information about Poland’s health tourism sector plus participate in competitions testing their knowledge of Poland and its health-targeted offer. Intriguing Polish souvenirs acted as the main awards. Furthermore, the more active guests were encouraged to take a souvenir photo.

Finally, the Polish offer also had a prominent presence at the Medical Tourism Congress, held simultaneously and showcasing information about Poland’s health tourism and discussing activities conducted by Polish Tourism Organisation promoting this particular field of tourism. Discussions covered the most important factors responsible for Poland’s competitive advantage. Delegates from, i.a. China, India, Romania, Germany and Azerbaijan also presented their operations.

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