POT in Hungary promotes Polish cycling routes  

Polish Tourism Organisation joined forces with Silesian Tourism Organisation and Municipality of Kraków to arrange a fam trip for journalists representing the Hungarian portal Mozgasvilag. The visit was intended to promote bike tourism in Poland.

 Andras Kakuk on the Trail of the Eagles' Nests

Active tourism is one of the main products promoted in the Hungarian market. As a result, this year saw Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) focusing its operations on the growing niche market.

For this purpose POT established cooperation with Mozgasvilag, Hungary’s leading portal dedicated to sports and leisure that simultaneously boasts experience in working with other national tourism organisations. As part of the collaboration, the multi-day fam trip was staged in mid-September and involved Andras Kakuk, editor-in-chief of the portal and co-organiser of Hungary’s sole bike-themed festival promoting domestic and international destinations recommended for bike trips.

Highlights of the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests constituted the trip’s leitmotif, with the portal’s two-person team getting on a bike to tour the city of Częstochowa, the most charming sections of the Trail, and Kraków. The project was staged in cooperation with Silesian Tourism Organisation and Municipality of Kraków.

The trip was covered by daily Facebook posts and a promotional article published by Mozgasvilag, with the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests added to its database. In addition, a special newsletter sent to the website’s subscribers supported the promotional undertakings.

The journey was also promoted through two videos published on the YouTube platform: 

Częstochowa and Trail of the Eagle’s Nests

Kraków and a summary of the trip

Each month the portal is visited by more than 170,000 users. Its weekly newsletter reaches 66,000 subscribers and 80,000 users browse the website’s bike maps published each season. The portal’s Facebook page has close to 55,000 fans.  

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