POT holds an industry training session on providing services for Chinese tourists

Staged at Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel, the training for the travel industry on handling Chinese tourists was staged by Polish Tourism Organisation that promotes continued growth of tourism exchange between Poland and China.


The objective of the training session was to promote ongoing development of tourism exchange between Poland and China and to support the Polish tourism industry in creating services matched to market requirements. After all, Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) is observing travel industry’s growing interest in the Chinese market and the upward trend of arrivals from the Middle Kingdom. As a response to these trends, POT identifies the travel market of People’s Republic of China as its strategic priority for the coming years.

Organised in the form of an all-day workshop, the POT training session focused on issues connected with the discussed market’s specificity and providing effective services aimed at it, i.a. trends in China’s tourism and corresponding opportunities for the Polish industry, the profile of Chinese tourists and their expectations, recommendations to consider when working on an offer of services dedicated to this particular market, as well as the options of promoting services available in China.

The workshops were hosted in English by international experts on both the Chinese market and global tourism - Welcome Chinese, a company specializing in certification of tourist services matched to the needs of Chinese travellers. In cooperation with China Tourism Academy (CTA), the main Chinese governmental institute of tourism research and promotion directly affiliated with China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), Welcome Chinese is intended to upgrade services dedicated to clients from the Middle Kingdom. Its operations support foreign entrepreneurs in implementing strategies of promotion and sales in the Chinese market, both through online and offline channels, with special emphasis on guaranteeing high-quality website traffic generated by certified clients.

One of the offered channels of promotion in China, the platform run by Welcome Chinese, presents all certified companies. Chinese travel agencies that are a part of the CTA network apply the website to establish cooperation with certified foreign contracting parties.

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