POT headquarters host a session of Tourist Information Forum’s Board

A session of the Board of Tourist Information Forum (Forum Informacji Turystycznej - FIT) and Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) was staged at the latter’s Warsaw headquarters on 16 July. The agenda included, i.a. objectives and criteria of new terms & conditions of tourist information certification as part of the Polish System of Tourist Information.

Tourist Information Forum’s Board

The session in question involved Jacek Janowski, Director of POT’s Department for the Promotion of Domestic Tourism, Arkadiusz Osipiuk, Deputy Director of POT’s Department of Internet Communication, Marcin Pałach, Chairman of FIT’s Board, Joanna Liberadzka-Duras, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Board members (Piotr Kończewski, Marcin Dąbrowski, Marlena Rogowska, Mariola Pieńkowska), as well as Liliana Topolnicka-Waszczuk, Secretary of the Board and Adam Pietras of POT’s Department for the Promotion of Domestic Tourism.

The goal of the session was to discuss the proposals of updating the terms & conditions and criteria of Tourist Information E-Certification for the 2021 edition and the procedures of the 14th edition of the competition for Poland’s Best Tourist Information Centre involving POT’s new mobile app. The latter’s criteria will change as regards its rating system, placing emphasis on COVID-19-related safety requirements in spatial design of particular rooms and reception desks, Wi-Fi availability, boosting staff qualifications (education + experience + foreign languages) and additional innovations facilitating tourism services. The certification of tourist information centres and booths reflects a competent and professional approach along with a friendly attitude to tourists and travel industry.

In addition, the session also included a discussion on meetings planned for 2020 - mostly in the online mode, aimed at Poland’s tourist information personnel and staged in cooperation with regional tourism organisations.

Jacek Janowski presented POT’s current activities, with particular emphasis on the implemented “Rest in Poland” campaign and the autumn edition of the “Poland See More - Weekend at Half Price” project. He also encouraged providing all other POT undertakings scheduled for the second half of the year with support in the field of information and promotion.

The next session of the Board of Tourist Information Forum is going to take place in September, while its two-day General Meeting is planned for the first week of December.

FIT activities involve 370 certified tourist information centres and booths operating as part of the Polish System of Tourism Information. The Forum was established for the purpose of coordinating undertakings and exchanging experiences aimed at upgrading this occupational group and creating a cohesive strategy of boosting the country’s tourism figures.

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