POT Course for Dutch Travel Agents Promotes Wrocław and Poznań

Wrocław and Poznań are the latest cities promoted by the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) in its online courses. Best City Trips: Wrocław and Poznań is a course organised for the Dutch tourism sector. The participants with the best scores will be invited to Poland.

 Training slide for the Dutch industry

The POT International Office in Amsterdam, working with the Wrocław City Office, the Poznań Local Tourism Organisation, and the Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) Province Marshal’s Office, launched Best City Trips: Wrocław and Poznań, a one-year online course for Dutch tour operators and travel agents, in December 2020.

Both Poznań and Wrocław are very interesting destinations for Dutch tourists. Their location in western Poland makes them easily accessible by car, which is especially important during the pandemic and in the period after it ends. Another key consideration is that KLM recently started offering direct flights between Amsterdam and both these cities (Wrocław from 2019, Poznań from 2020). At the same time, they are less well-known than places like Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk, so this year’s e-learning project is a natural continuation of the courses the POT International Office in Amsterdam provided in previous years, presenting the aforementioned three cities.

The courses take place on the eTravelTraining platform run by the prestigious trade magazine Travelution. More than 8,000 Dutch travel agents are registered on this platform.

This e-learning project involves a series of slides and ends with a test; a certificate is issued as proof of completion. The course focuses on the major tourist attractions of both cities as well as their historical and cultural heritage. Accommodation and catering options are also presented, together with the best venues for the meetings industry, such as the National Forum of Music in Wrocław and the Poznań International Fair. Practical information about the two cities also includes access to the POT’s Hygienic Safe Venue and Online Site Inspection catalogues.

The final part of the course outlines a number of short trips around the regions. In Lower Silesia, they cover Książ Castle, the Underground Town of Osówka and the Church of Peace in Świdnica, and in Wielkopolska – Gniezno, Kórnik Castle and Wielkopolski National Park.

Despite the pandemic, the course has attracted a lot of attention from travel agents, with over 150 people taking part so far.

The participants with the highest scores for the course will be invited to visit both cities. Accommodation will be provided by the ART Hotel in Wrocław and the Mercure Hotel in Poznań.

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