POT attends a virtual trade show for the Chinese market

Polish Tourism Organisation took part in a virtual trade show staged with EU funding by Aviareps for the Chinese market. The event involved 40 European exhibitors, including representatives of tourism organisations, hotel chains, travel agencies, transport operators, as well as more than 60 Chinese tourism companies interested in the European offer.  

 Virtual PTO stand

For three days on 22-24 June Chinese buyers and European exhibitors applied avatars to move around the virtual exhibition hall, take part in bilateral business talks, attend presentations and live events in the main hall.

A good alternative during the period of pandemic-related restrictions, events of this kind offer an opportunity to nurture and maintain business relationships with partners representing various markets, exchange COVID-19 experience and appropriately adjust your offer to the new expectations of travellers. In this particular case, the trade show made it possible to build a brand in the Chinese market. The Polish stand received a lot of attention, with staff of the Beijing-based International Office of Polish Tourism Organisation taking part in almost 30 meetings.

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