POT at the “Update Tourism, Update Corona” expert panel

Staged by GRANDE and its partners - information portals of top Belgium daily newspapers and travel magazines - the first edition of the “Update Tourism, Update Corona” travel-themed online discussion panel was held on 18 January. The meeting was focused on creating articles in French and Dutch to present the current situation of tourism market, the latest pandemic-related information and industry forecasts.  

 Discussion panel with Dominika Szulc

Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) was represented by its Brussels-based International Office. The event acted as an opportunity to introduce readers to solutions applied in Poland to support the tourism market during the pandemic, with particular emphasis on the Polish Tourist Voucher project. Dominika Szulc, head of POT’s Office in Brussels, also presented Poland’s post-pandemic promotional plans aimed at the Benelux market.

Planned as a series of meetings to be staged in the next two years, the GRANDE conference panels will feature experts, representatives of the tourism industry, tourism organisations and governmental institutions. Besides the POT team, the first meeting involved Director of Austrian National Tourist Office, Media Director of Visit Brussels responsible for the Belgium capital’s global promotion, Head of Marketing with Europe Assistance, and Country Manager with MSC Cruises Belgium.

The discussed project was initiated by GRANDE, the number one Flemish travel web portal, which partnered up with other leading titles, such as daily newspapers Le Soir and Sudpresse, magazines (CinéTélé Révue), and Belgium’s largest travel site Vakancesweb. According to the organisers’ forecasts, each edition will reach 250,000 readers.

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