POT at the Trail & Hike Event

In May, the Polish Tourism Organisation took part in the first ever Trail & Hike Event. The goal of this two-day open-air event was to promote active tourism to a dedicated audience: fans of mountain hikes and rock-climbing.

Polish stand at Trail & Hike

The event took place on the edge of the Dutch town of Doorn, situated on the forest grounds of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. The exhibition stands were set up in a park surrounding the charming Landgoed Zonheuvel palace, around old trees and greenery.

The organisers, Royal Dutch Climbing & Mountaineering Federation (NKBV) and the Trail & Running club, planned the event in such a way that it combined fairs and workshops about the most interesting European hiking trails with the possibility of purchasing the best quality special equipment for mountain climbing and hiking.

Visitors were eager to participate not only in the lectures and presentations held in the Landgoed Zonheuvel, but also in an open-air forest amphitheatre, which tied into the subject of lectures, focused on relaxation in the bosom of nature and physical activity.

The offer of mountain tourism was presented by leaders in this respect: Austria and Switzerland. The Polish stand met with a very positive reception of visitors who asked, with a great interest, about the hiking options in our mountains. Most Dutch hikers are truly active people, and they are constantly looking for new routes and trails. Poland, a destination that is less well-known in this area, was a big and positive surprise for them. The stand, put together by the POT International Office, presented a wide range of long-distance hiking trails, such as the Main Sudetes Trail and the Main Beskid Trail. The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests and numerous trails in the Tatrzański National Park were an interesting offer for those who prefer shorter routes.

In total, over the two days of the Trail & Hike Event, Landhoed Zonheuvel saw more than 2,500 visitors.

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