POT at the Salone del Camper in Parma, Italy

One of the largest camper trade fairs in Europe, “Salone del Camper”, is currently taking place in Parma. The Polish Tourism Organisation is there, presenting a comprehensive offer of attractions and assets of our country, with particular emphasis on the rich offer of campgrounds.

Barbara Minczwa at the fair in Parma

Since September 11, the “Salone del Camper” trade fair has been taking place in the Italian city of Parma. It is one of the most important industry events dedicated to camper tourism in Europe. Poland is being represented by the POT International Office in Rome, which prepared a comprehensive offer of Polish attractions and assets. Our stand advertises ideas for both city and cultural tourism, castles and palaces, which are very popular on the Italian market, to the attractions of active tourism, national parks and the main accent: the campgrounds in Poland. The fair will end on September 19.

Camper tourism has recently been a real hit. In Italy it has seen record increases, both in production and in demand for campers. Only in the last year the numbers grew by more than 50%. Although it may have seemed merely a “pandemic trend”, the popularity of this branch of tourism is seriously taking root in the awareness of Italian tourists. Poland is a highly valued destination for the camper tourist who sees our country as interesting, inspiring and safe.

More than 100,000 visitors were expected to attend the fair. However, more than 40,000 tickets were sold on the first weekend, so the number of participants is likely to be higher than estimated.

Let us not forget that the International Camping and Caravanning Rally will take place in Poland in 2023. The decision in favour was taken by the General Assembly of the International Federation of Camping and Caravanning (F.I.C.C). The organisers of the rally will be the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning, and the event will take place at camp No. 74 in the Kozienice Centre for Recreation and Sport from 29 July to 8 August 2023, and its organisation in Poland will contribute to the promotion of our country as an attractive tourist destination.


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