POT at the annual Corps Touristique Austria meeting in Vienna

Vienna hosted Sommerlounge der Destinationen 2019, an annual meeting staged by Corps Touristique for representatives of the industry and travel media. Polish Tourism Organisation took part in the event to promote the highlights of our country’s water tourism.


Held on 2 July, the latest edition of Sommerlounge der Destinationen 2019 attracted more than 420 participants. The annual event arranged by Corps Touristique Austria is an excellent opportunity to sum up operations undertaken in the first half of the year and discuss the state of preparations for promotional activities planned for the second half. This year saw the already 11th edition of the meeting. 

As is the case each year, Sommerlounge der Destinationen 2019 also featured Corps Touristique member states working together with sponsors representing the travel industry to compile another brochure covering the most intriguing proposals of trips to particular destinations.

Each of the brochures published so far was dedicated to different subject matter, with the Sommerlounge 2019 edition focused on the promotion of water tourism. Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Vienna supplied information about three places available for this type of tourism in Poland. Emphasis was placed on the most recognizable Masuria, followed by the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska (an effect of a presentation staged in Vienna in May), and the Lubuskie voivodeship, which Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna – POT) wants to showcase in the discussed market. Already on 28 June an online campaign produced by the Vienna-based POT International Office in cooperation with RajchlTv was launched to promote Lubuskie. For the duration of the event, specially prepared screens were presenting brief spots referring to promoted destinations. A video promoting the Great Waterway Loop served as an additional Polish accent. During the event, the gathered guests got to know the new management board of Corps Touristique, which includes Włodzimierz Szeląg, Head of Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Vienna, and all heads of offices belonging to the association and actively participating in the event.

During the meeting personnel of the Vienna-based POT office was involved in numerous interesting talks with partners and established new noteworthy contacts that can be applied in our subsequent promotional initiatives in the Austrian market.

Corps Touristique Austria, associating 33 members, has an excellent opinion and constitutes a first-rate platform for sharing experiences between representatives of the global travel industry.


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