POT at the 60 Million Congress in Buffalo

The 60 Million Congress, one of the largest events of the Polish American community, was staged in Buffalo, New York. Polish Tourism Organisation was represented by Magdalena Żelazowska, Head of its International Office in New York.


60 Million Congress - Global Polonia Summit is an international event intended to integrate Polish business communities all around the world. Corresponding with the overall number of Poles residing in the homeland and abroad, the name of the congress emphasizes the great potential they create together. The Buffalo-based event constituted a great opportunity for networking and discussions on reinforcing Polish-American cooperation in many areas, including business and tourism. The “Strengthening Polonia. Networking, Media/Social Media” panel discussion involved, i.a. Magdalena Żelazowska of POT, Anna Walczowska of Polish Airlines LOT and New York-based Consul General Maciej Golubiewski who, along with other speakers, debated on the methods of boosting the awareness of Poland’s tourist and business potential among U.S. residents, not necessarily of Polish descent. The congress also placed considerable emphasis on Poland’s offer representing the field of health tourism that, due to high-quality services and competitive prices, is increasingly popular in the U.S.

This year’s congress coincided with celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and the U.S.  For this occasion Niagara Falls was illuminated white and red, while on 21 July the Pułaski Parade marched through the near-by city of Cheektowaga. Buffalo and area are among the largest communities of Polish Americans in the U.S. Residents of Polish descent constitute as many as 40% of the population of Cheektowaga, where you will find numerous Polish schools, institutions and companies.

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