POT at Quality Travel Fair in Copenhagen

Polish Tourism Organisation took part in Quality Travel Fair in Copenhagen, a popular event in the Danish market. The Polish stand was visited by a record-breaking number of guests.


Each year the Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Stockholm represents Poland at Quality Travel Fair organized by the publisher of Vagabond, Denmark’s key travel magazine. During this year’s three-day edition the Polish stand was visited by close to 17,500 guests. Unprecedented figures were recorded on Friday, when more than 2,500 visitors took advantage of a special VIP invitation (twice more than last year).

Arranged by POT’s Stockholm office, the Polish stand offered a chance to learn more about the portfolio of PolenGo, a Danish travel agency specialising in trips to Poland, and the Wierzynek restaurant-apartment complex in Kraków. Thanks to cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen, a traditional Polish approach was adopted for the treatment of VIP guests, who were welcomed with stronger beverages by local producers and handmade chocolates by Wierzynek’s confectioners. Both this unique welcome and informational brochures, which placed special emphasis on publications covering the highlights of major cities and relaxation amidst nature, attracted a lot of attention.

A noteworthy side event, an industry workshop was staged on Friday afternoon and attracted 37 exhibitors from all over the world and 39 visitors representing the Danish tourism sector. The highly productive meetings inspired hope that trips to Poland will become increasingly prominent in the catalogues of Danish tour operators.   

The presence of POT’s Stockholm-based International Office at the Copenhagen event coincided with the launch of the latest edition of Vagabond, which ran an article inspired by a fam trip we staged to Pomorze Zachodnie (Western Pomerania). 

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