POT at Fiera del Levante exhibition in Italy

Polish Tourism Organisation actively promoted our country as an attractive tourist destination at the 84th edition of the International General Exhibition Fiera del Levante hosted by the Italian city of Bari. As part of the event, our promotional materials were distributed at the Polish Desk staged on 5-7 October.

Barbara Minczewa (on the left)

2020 marked the first time that Poland presented its offer at the prestigious Fiera del Levante exhibition in Bari on 3-11 October. 6 October was entirely dedicated to Poland as a strategic partner in business and other areas. Barbara Minczewa, head of Polish Tourism Organisation’s International Office in Rome, presented Poland’s tourist highlights and discussed previous promotional campaigns and the future of Polish-Italian tourist traffic.

The exhibition was organised by the region of Apulia in cooperation with Puglia Sviluppo and the recently established Polish-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. In the course of the event a letter of intent to establish cooperation between the twin towns of Lublin and Bari was signed by attending Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak, Mayor of Lublin, and Eugenio Di Sciascio, Deputy Mayor of Bari. The conference involved representatives of the Embassy of Republic of Poland, the Union of Polish Entrepreneurs, Polish business community and major Polish companies.

In the course of a discussion panel hosted by Marek Traczyk, President of the Association of Polish Media, Head of POT’s Rome-based International Office emphasised, i.a. the pre-pandemic positive trend dominating tourism in the Italian market and the fact that Italy constitutes Kraków’s third and Warsaw’s fifth largest incoming market (plus EU’s second, in both cases after Germany). In the last decade the number of Italian travellers visiting Poland has doubled. Mention is due to Poland’s increasingly positive perception and its growing awareness among Italian tourists.

Available for three days on 5-7 October, the Polish Desk information booth distributed our promotional materials.

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