POT at celebrations of PLL LOT’s 90th anniversary in Paris

More than 300 participants, mostly journalists and representatives of French travel bureaus, attended a ceremonious meeting celebrating the 90th anniversary of PLL LOT and co-arranged by Polish Tourism Organisation.


The event was hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris and inaugurated by Ambassador Tomasz Młynarski with Yann Saint-Sorny, head of the PLL LOT office in Paris, presenting the history of Poland’s national airlines.

PLL LOT is a strategic partner of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) in the French market. It participated in numerous events staged by the Paris-based Polish Tourism Organisation International Office, supporting promotional undertakings and being directly involved in tourism-themed trade fairs, presentations and workshops.

Journalists participating in the meeting in the Embassy already discussed one of the oldest airlines, whose planes reach 100 destinations all over the world, in La Quotidienne and TourMag. The texts in question appreciated not only the modern air services, but also Polish cuisine spotlighted during an event in Hôtel de Monaco. In both cases the created strong image builds Poland’s positive perception worldwide.

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