PTO and MFA join forces to promote Poland

Polish Tourism Organisation is tightening its cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Signed by President of POT Robert Andrzejczyk, an agreement with MFA will allow for greater synergy in the area of efforts promoting Poland abroad. 

Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) entered into an agreement whose objective involves joint implementation of actions aimed at the growth and promotion of Polish tourism, showcasing Poland’s tourism attractiveness, building its positive image abroad, as well as advancing and spreading knowledge about Poland. Signing the agreement heralds the beginning of joint long-term undertakings intended to boost our country’s tourism attractiveness and enhance its international image.

One of the most important provisions of the discussed agreement makes it possible for Polish Tourism Organisation representatives to utilize the resources and space of Polish Institutes for the purposes of promotional undertakings. As a result, already in 2018 POT intends to take advantage of the newly-available hospitality. POT’s first representation in a brand-new formula will be launched in a pilot version in Hungary.

“The cooperation established between POT and MFA is great news for Polish tourism. The agreement we signed will lead to closer cooperation, an exchange of experiences and the effect of synergy, so crucial in the effective promotion of our country’s image and its cultural and tourism attractiveness. The agreement will also make it possible for Polish Tourism Organisation to increase its international presence in new markets, and for the Polish Institutes - to gain support in the promotion of Polish culture. After all, cultural heritage is an inherent element of the Polish tourism offer”, says President of POT Robert Andrzejczyk.

As part of the cooperation POT and MFA will jointly promote their undertakings on websites and in social media at POT’s disposal plus through Polish Institutes subject to MFA. The initiatives in question will encompass POT regularly supplying Polish Institutes and embassies with select promotional materials, also localized, working with Polish Institutes on organizing meetings and events aimed at creating and promoting tourism products, Poland’s tourism offer and its corresponding attractiveness, as well as jointly implementing promotional events staged or co-staged as part of the operations of Polish Institutes and POT.

The cooperation agreement between POT and MFA will remain in force for an indefinite period of time.


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