POT and ETC invite US tourists to visit Poland

In cooperation with the European Travel Commission, the Polish Tourism Organisation has launched a new chapter of the “Europe invites the curious” campaign, aimed at the US market. The goal of the campaign is to promote trips to our country from the American continent, mainly among those interested in experience tourism.


POT and ETC invite US tourists to visit Poland

This year’s PTO and ETC campaign on the North American market is a continuation of the joint project called “Europe invites the curious,” already carried out in previous years. The current edition will run until 15 July. The content presented within the campaign will have to do with three subject areas: History & Ancestry, Creative Cities, Nature & the Outdoors.

The campaign is co-financed by the EU budget under the “Co-branding of Promotional Campaigns” programme, which aims to support the European tourism sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding structure allows participants to double their promotion budget.

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