Popular Chinese bloggers visit southern Poland

Seven influential Chinese bloggers visited Poland at the invitation of Polish Tourism Organisation. Guests from the Middle Kingdom toured the southern areas of our country.


Seven so-called Key Opinion Leaders, hugely influential travel bloggers from China, visited southern Poland on 10-13 October. Staged by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT), the fam trip was intended to showcase the diverse active options of spending time in our country.

The discussed tour was staged as part of cooperation between Visegrád Group states. Influential bloggers from the Middle Kingdom visited, i.a. the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Kraków, Zakopane and Lake Morskie Oko, as well as took part in a rafting trip down the Dunajec river. Next, Chinese influencers had an opportunity to explore select destinations in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The whole nine-day trip wrapped up in Prague on 18 October.

Guests were providing on-the-spot coverage of their travel via WeChat, the number-one multi-purpose application in China and East Asian cultural sphere, one of China’s top social media platforms. Participating bloggers will soon post more extensive reports on other platforms applied by the Chinese audience to look for helpful information when planning holidays.

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