Polish Tourism Organisation joins forces with National Geographic

In an unprecedented cooperative effort Polish Tourism Organisation and National Geographic produced a series of videos covering Poland’s most beautiful areas.


The “Relax in Poland” series of twelve promotional videos presents laureates of the 15th edition of the competition for the Best Tourist Product - 2017 POT Certificates. All the video and previews are available on the Poland Travel YouTube channel, as well as through social media of both Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) and National Geographic Polska.

“I have great hopes for cooperation with editorial team as experienced as that of National Geographic. The partnership led to not only some truly breathtaking imagery but also stories behind the tourist products certified by POT in 2017. The films encourage tourists to visit the covered destinations and meet the people co-creating them. After all, these are not only tourist highlights of educational or historical importance, but also ideal places for spending quality leisure time with your family and friends”, explains President of POT Robert Andrzejczyk.

As part of this year’s project, representatives of National Geographic Polska visited Zoo Safari Borysew, Zamość Fortress, Castle Chęciny, Galiny Palace and Grange, Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens in Dobrzyca, Museum of Soap and History of Dirt in Bydgoszcz, Coal Mining Museum – Guido Mine, European Solidarity Centre and Copernicus Science Centre, as well as took part in the “Waters of the San River” trip. The reports will also present the Living Museum of Gingerbread (winner of POT’s Golden Certificate) and Castle Niemodlin (winner of the people’s choice award).  

“There is more to National Geographic than faraway trips, discovering new lands, exploring the ocean’s hidden depths and saving the planet. We also place considerable emphasis on the closest surroundings. Magnificent places that have not been fully discovered yet or which have recently been affected by changes and development. Poland is a beautiful country which can make relaxing, as the slogan of the series lets you know, an unusual experience. This is precisely why we wanted to capture the ambience of the discussed places. Make sure that they are shown in such a way as to intrigue viewers and convince them to pay a visit. Each place distinguished by the Certificate is certainly noteworthy and one-of-a-kind. It boasts a remarkable past, a mystery, a puzzle… This is exactly what we are looking for. A quality that is distinctive for a given place and makes it unique and exceptional”, adds Iwona El Tanbouli, Art Director at National Geographic Polska.

Polish Tourism Organisation has been arranging the competition for the Best Tourist Product - POT Certificate for more than 15 years. The event in question is aimed not only at distinguishing the most attractive and innovative products, but also promoting them among Polish and international tourists.

“Up to the now close to 200 winners have been included on the list, which focuses exclusively on Poland’s most awe-inspiring places boasting a huge potential in the field of spending free time in an interesting way. Tourist products awarded by the POT Certificate guarantee highest-level services and credible places and highlights”, ensures Jacek Janowski, Head of POT’s Department for the Promotion of Domestic Tourism.

For more information about all highlights recognized in the competition for the Best Tourist Product - 2017 POT Certificate,  see:

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