Polish tourism offer promoted at Europa Virtual Roadshow in Brazil

Organised by the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Europa Virtual Roadshow was implemented by AVIAREPS on 26 November. The Polish stand arranged by Polish Tourism Organisation succeeded in attracting a lot of attention.  

Virtual Polish stand

AVIAREPS stages virtual events aimed at various markets all over the world, with Europa Virtual Roadshow representing its first foray into Brazil. In the current pandemic circumstances, it is the only available safe formula that makes it possible to exchange information and promote Polish tourism products.

Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) was represented by Dorota Zadrożna, who is responsible for Poland’s tourism promotion in Latin America. In addition to phone conversations and chats, visitors to the Polish stand could watch videos, exchange business cards and download brochures made available by the exhibitor.

The Polish virtual stand was visited by 27 guests who downloaded the discussed materials, promo videos and presentations. In addition, the POT representative was involved in 30 one-on-one virtual meetings and managed to start interesting business relationships, also with agencies operating in southern Brazil distinguished by large European immigrant communities.

The meetings in question demonstrated the changing demand for Polish offer in the analysed market, where agencies are increasingly interested in a wide range of products beyond city and faith tourism. Special emphasis is placed on Poland’s portfolio of unique experiences.

The virtual roadshow was attended by delegates of 46 European destinations and approx. 120 visitors - Brazilian agents, tour operators and journalists. The one-day event recorded 2,705 chat meetings and more than 1,500 exchanges of business cards (contact details).

See below for a video presenting Europa Virtual Show:

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