Polish regional cuisine makes a splash in Kiev

Polish Tourism Organisation took part in Days of Polish Cuisine in Kiev, which promoted the regional culinary traditions of our country.


Days of Polish Cuisine in Kiev became firmly established in the calendar of events promoting Polish culinary tradition in Ukraine. The latest edition of the event, launched more than ten years ago by Polish entrepreneur Tomasz Tomczyk, focused on Śląsk (Silesia) with particular emphasis on cuisine representing the region of Beskidy Mountains.

Invited by Polish Tourism Organisation International Office, Edi Malon (chef of the Słodowania restaurant from Bielsko-Biała) cooked kwaśnica (cabbage soup) and placki po zbójnicku (“brigand’s” potato pancakes). The Polish guest spun colourful tales about the region’s culinary traditions, hosted a cooking show and workshops, while Mirosław Dziergas, Director of the Department of Tourism with the Żywiec District, explained why this region of Poland is worth visiting all year round.

The discussed event in the Kraków restaurant attracted numerous enthusiasts of Poland and representatives of the Polish minority, whose delegates also performed on stage. Alongside the Wszystko w porządku ensemble from the Rodyna Cultural-Educational Society from Brovary, the Bacówka ensemble from Żywiec got the guests into a dancing mood. The weather was good, the moods even better, with Svietlana Jastrubenko, host of the Kraków restaurant and a great admirer of Poland, already promising another meeting next year!

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