Polish Congress Ambassadors met in Warsaw

President of the Polish Tourism Organisation Robert Andrzejczyk attended a meeting of the Polish Congress Ambassador Clubs held in Warsaw on 24 November upon the occasion of TT Warsaw.


A meeting of the Polish Congress Ambassador Clubs was organised in the course of the International Travel Show TT Warsaw held on 23-25 November. Participants included President of the Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) Robert Andrzejczyk, who shared his experiences and plans made by the institution concerning the promotion of Poland in the sector of international associations.  

Polish Congress Ambassador Clubs invite to their meetings not only current ambassadors but, predominantly, potential candidates to the title of a Polish Congress Ambassador.

The Warsaw meeting also presented principles of the Polish Congress Ambassador Program, with attendees sharing the outcome of the “Meet in Poland” project. This pilot-phase project, realized in selected five cities and entailing the creation of a network of territorial brands of business tourism, aims at the establishment of an “International Congresses and Conferences in Poland” product with a cohesive image and content. In the following years the project could be implemented in successive locations.   

In addition, the Polish Congress Ambassadors Club meeting discussed the possible support of representatives of Polish science for attracting international events to Poland.

The Polish Congress Ambassador Program was initiated in 1998 by the Polish Conference and Congress Association (Stowarzyszenie “Konferencje i Kongresy w Polsce”), and at present is realized jointly with POT. The program recognizes and distinguishes persons contributing to the organisation in Poland of particularly significant international events. Its objective encompasses effective invitations to Poland issued to the organisers of international conferences and congresses. Established practice demonstrates that a key role will be played by persons fulfilling various functions as members of the authorities of international associations and organisations, researchers, activists of professional organisations, as well as businessmen cooperating with foreign partners.  

Next year the Polish Congress Ambassador Gala, which will announce new nominations, will be held in Poznań on 27 September.  

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