Polish-American journalists explore the extensive offer of health tourism

Comprehensive offer of medical tourism services was the leitmotif of a visit of Polish-American journalists, who toured Beskid Żywiecki and Śląski mountain ranges in the second half of September.


A part of a health services promotion project of the 3.3.2 sub-measure: Smart Growth Brand Operational Program “Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands - Polish Economy Brand”, the visit of Polish-American journalists was staged in the region of Bielska-Biała on 17-21 September. The area of Beskid Żywiecki and Śląski was selected due to its attractive medical offer and the U.S.-centred migration trend that has been distinguishing the local residents for the last several decades. Polish émigrés, in turn, constitute the most numerous group of medical tourists increasingly willing to visit their homeland.

The invited journalists represented Chicago media: the Polvision TV station, Super Express daily and Polskie Radio, as well as the New York-based Biały Orzeł newspaper. During the four-day visit the guests not only explored the advanced infrastructure of rehabilitation centres, multi-specialist hospitals and health resorts, but also personally took advantage of medical services.

Attractive prices and trustworthy doctors make Polish émigrés, concerned with their health and financial security, increasingly enthusiastic about applying healthcare services when visiting the motherland. The journalists also paid a visit to the ophthalmologist and underwent diagnostic checks. In addition, they had an opportunity to enjoy relaxing spa treatments in a health resort. The high quality of offered services, friendly and professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment won the admiration and respect of the guests.

The objective of the visit was to draw the attention of Polish-American media to the versatile offer of Polish medical services, which the U.S. community continue to be insufficiently exposed to. Journalists and invited guests were discussing how to change this state of things at a conference wrapping up the initiative. The event was attended by representatives of local media and companies. General assumptions of the Go to Brand project were presented along with the development prospects of healthcare tourism, also in a regional and transnational dimension. Discussions also dealt with further opportunities for cooperation in the American market. In other words, the meeting constituted an excellent opportunity to establish relations between people interested in the intense development of medical tourism and its promotion in other international markets.

The agenda of the journalists’ stay was additionally complemented by tourist highlights, including a trip to the Żywiec Brewery Museum and a tour of adjacent mountains.

The visit will be covered by press articles and materials in a selection of Polish-American media.

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