Poland Wins Recognition from Dutch Tourists and Media

One of the Netherlands’ most popular travel portals has rewarded the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) International Office in Amsterdam with a Gold Travel Destination Award.

Magdalena Stoch, Andrzej Pawluszek, Małgorzata Duijnmayer

Poland recently received a Gold Travel Destination Award, the Dutch market’s prestigious tourism award. This recognition was won thanks to the high marks tourists visiting Poland have given our country’s tourism offering. The awards are granted by Reisgraag, one of the most popular portals and major travel magazines in the Netherlands.

According to Reisgraag’s Thomas Lenting, tourists appreciate Poland in many aspects. In his view, the country’s historical sites and culture are considered especially interesting. “But there are still many wonderful, unique places that our clients have not yet discovered. Poland definitely deserves this award!”, Lenting says.

The Reisgraag web portal reviews travel agents, offers inspiration by posting news and tips, and features photos and videos from over a thousand holiday destinations. The portal had almost 2.5 million Dutch visitors in 2019. The readers are mainly people who are passionate about travel, interested in spending time amid nature and cultural heritage as well as active tourism.

“This is the only award presented by the Dutch tourism sector in which the sole criterion is customer reviews”, points out Magdalena Stoch from the POT International Office in Amsterdam. “The portal has posted extensive information about Poland for its readers, including 16 articles about must-see sites. Over 100 of the office’s clients have already posted reviews after their trip to Poland”, adds the POT Amsterdam office’s Małgorzata Duijnmayer.

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