Poland promoted at Swiss Travel Day in Zurich

The latest edition of the Swiss Travel Day tourist workshops, arranged by the editorial team of the Travel Inside magazine, was held in the state-of-the-art Stage One gallery in Zurich. Polish Tourism Organisation attended to actively promote the country’s assets as a tourist destination.  


Staged in the last week of October, the event was attended by more than 1,600 representatives of the Swiss travel industry and bureaus from 15 countries presenting their offers. Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) was also among the active participants of Swiss Travel Day. While the promotion of Poland’s tourist highlights remains in demand in the Swiss market, continuous efforts are needed to expand the network of contacts and boost familiarity with our country.

Through its Vienna-based office POT has been involved in the discussed event for many years now. After all, the workshop offers an excellent opportunity to secure new contacts for the Polish travel industry. Representatives of Polish travel agencies took part in Swiss Travel Day on a number of occasions, winning new clients for their offers. This year’s edition involved a representative of the Kraków-based Jan-Pol agency.

Thanks to the dedication of POT numerous readers of Travel Inside and participants of Swiss Travel Day learnt more about Poland and our operations. An advertisement of Poland was showcased in Stage One’s arena and the logo of Polish Tourism Organisation was included in all print materials.

The workshops encompassed numerous panels spotlighting particular tourist fields and destinations. Włodzimierz Szeląg, Head of the Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Vienna, combined working at the informational booth with hosting two educational presentations introducing representatives of travel bureaus and tourism school students to Poland and its highlights.

The Polish informational booth welcomed two organized groups of industry representatives, who acquired fundamental knowledge about Poland and received sets of promotional materials prepared by POT in cooperation with Małopolska Tourist Organisation, Polish Vodka Museum and Jan-Pol.

The ceremonious Travel Award gala featured a stage appearance by head of the Vienna-based POT office and a promotional video. At the request of organisers, the office also staged a post-gala tasting session of Polish beverages arranged in cooperation with the Polish Vodka Museum.

Finally, our participation in Swiss Travel Day won additional media exposure thanks to ad publications in Travel Inside dedicated to, i.a. the Warsaw Rising Museum and the cities of Warsaw and Kraków.

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