Poland – Everything You Need: POT Promotes Poland in China

The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) in association with local tourism organisations has launched a five-month campaign called Poland – Everything You Need targeted at Chinese individual tourists. The first live streams are already behind us! This is the latest of POT promotional projects in China using live broadcasting technology.

Screenshots from the "Poland - everything you need" campaign

The Poland – Everything You Need campaign comprises a series of 5 live streams presenting different facets of Poland and published on the Mafengwo platform, one of China’s most important tourism web portals, with over 130 million active users every month. The platform initially served as a blog where anyone could share their impressions from their travels as well as useful tips, but has expanded to include the sale of tourism products. Today it is one of the most important sources of travel inspiration, especially for young residents (born after 1990) of China’s biggest conurbations, whose purchasing power is high.

The people taking viewers to various corners of Poland are a duo familiar from earlier live streams: guide Piotr Karpiński, who has been familiarising Chinese people with Poland for many years, and Shiyu, a Chinese influencer living in Poland. There will also be guest appearances by other Chinese people who have moved their lives to Poland.

The project includes the following live streams:

  1. urban tourism: a tour of Wrocław – 16 June
  2. cultural tourism: a visit to the Royal Castle – 13 July
  3. culinary tourism: Poznań (Good Taste Festival, aka Poznan Food Days) – 14 August
  4. wellbeing tourism: health resorts in the Małopolska region (Szczawnica) – 17 September
  5. local crafts: Gdańsk’s amber attractions – 9 October

The first two live streams garnered substantial interest and were followed live by over 28,000 people. The advertising footage informing Mafengwo platform users about the live streams has been watched over a million times, this number being likely to grow to at least 2.4 million by the end of the campaign. The Mafengwo publications are additionally supported by the activities of the POT International Office in Beijing on other very popular Chinese social media channels: Wechat, Weibo, Little Red Book, and Qyer. Articles and photos promoting the live streams, and also other interesting attractions of the region at the focus of the virtual visit, are published there every month.

The local organisations involved in the campaign are the Poznań Local Tourism Organisation, the Warsaw Tourism Bureau, Wrocław City Hall, the Małopolska Tourism Organisation, and the Gdańsk Tourism Organisation.

This is not the first time that the POT office in Beijing is promoting Poland among Chinese people through live streams, and further projects are in the pipeline.

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