Poland at the 10th World Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles

The 10th World Medical Tourism Congress was held in Los Angeles on 3-5 October. This is the largest global industry event attracting more than 3,000 participants and exhibitors.

Poland was represented at a national stand organised by the Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) engaged in a promotional project focused on Polish healthcare.

Each year the congress draws persons interested in the health tourism industry, i.a. medical agents, insurance companies, consultants, marketing and promotion specialists, physicians and hospitals from all over the world. The offer of the Polish enterprises included, i.a. one-day surgery, orthopaedics, addiction recovery, physical rehabilitation, cardiac surgery, and nursing homes.

Argentina, the Philippines, and Poland were the most conspicuous exhibitors among those present at the congress. During the third day of the conference a health tourism expert speaking on the part of POT represented Poland in a debate on ”How to develop and sustain a medical tourism destination“. The Polish input met with great interest.


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