#OpenUpToEurope: New ETC and POT Pan-European Campaign Launched

The #OpenUpToEurope campaign is a new promotional operation, part of the Co-branding of Promotional Campaigns initiative. This collaborative programme aims to support the European tourism sector as it emerges from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the campaign, the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) in association with regional partners is promoting urban and cultural tourism under the hashtag #OpenUpToPoland.

Graphics for the Open up to Europe campaign

The programme is co-funded by the European Commission, with the financing structure enabling programme members to double the promotional budget (the EC grant matches the budget contributed to the campaign). The goal is to provide real-term support for tourism by investing in industry-led promotional initiatives across Europe that foster cooperation and sustainable growth. The programme’s implementation is a direct effect of activity under the Horizon 2022 marketing strategy.

The #OpenUpToEurope campaign aims to:

  • reinforce consumer confidence in travel and tourism
  • stimulate pent-up demand for travel in Europe during the summer of 2021
  • demonstrate the travel industry’s proactive collaboration to provide safe and seamless travel experiences
  • promote European travel destinations and the European travel industry

The campaign coordinator is the European Travel Commission, of which Poland is a long-time member. Thirty European tourism organisations are taking part.

Using the hashtag #OpenUpToPoland, Poland has joined the project with 6 regional partners:

  • Łódź Tourism Organisation
  • Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organisation
  • Poznań Local Tourism Organisation
  • Warsaw Tourism Bureau
  • Kraków City Hall
  • Żegluga Szczecińska

The product area being promoted is urban and cultural tourism in Łódź, the Tricity of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków and Szczecin. Promotional activity in the campaign focuses on the German and British markets, taking place via multiple channels, mainly horizontal portals and social media. The ETC and its partners have developed the website, intended as a comprehensive service site for people considering their travel plans for summer 2021 and later. The website also offers practical tips and advice about travelling in Europe, including important information about the EU digital COVID certificate. The subsites for Poland and its partners can be found here:




In addition, the POT has put up a separate landing page dedicated to the campaign on the different language versions of the website.

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