Online Mountain Sports Week in the Netherlands: POT Promotes Polish Mountains as a Great Holiday Destination

Week van de Bergsport (Mountain Sports Week) has begun online in the Netherlands, organised by the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (NKBV). The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) has prepared a virtual tour around the most magnificent hiking trails in Poland’s Karkonosze, Tatra, Bieszczady, Gorce and Beskid mountains.

 Trail in the Polish mountains

The POT International Office in Amsterdam in association with tour operator Expeditie Polen, which specialises in organising group trips into the Karkonosze and Tatra mountains, have produced a virtual tour around the most stunning hiking trails in the Polish mountains as well as extensive information on these routes on the NKBV website.

Through articles posted in newsletters, in the coming weeks NKBV members will also be able to discover what the Bieszczady, Gorce, Beskid and other mountain ranges can offer tourists of any type.

Due to current pandemic restrictions, the event has been organised online with free access for the wide public. The virtual platform presents an extensive range of information about interesting European destinations, how to prepare for hiking and climbing, and video inspirations as well. Obviously, alongside the Alps and the Ardennes, Polish mountains simply had to be included.

Mountain tourism is increasingly popular in the Netherlands and has great development potential, as shown by the steadily growing number of NKBV members and their age range (the average age is 40 years).

Without opportunities for mountain tourism in their own country, Dutch people are very interested in getting inspired for when the pandemic is over. Poland has the perfect mountain tourism products in every respect, offering varied routes, a nearby location, and highly attractive hiking trails.

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