New flights from the U.S. an opportunity to promote Poland

American Airlines, one of the largest North American carriers, announced the launch of a direct flight from Chicago to Kraków. POT joined a number of promotional undertakings intended to boost the awareness of Poland’s tourism attractiveness among the airline’s customers and business partners.  


The presentation of American Airlines’ brand-new routes, with a direct flight to Poland joining the network in May 2020, was staged in Chicago. Jakub Wołosz of POT’s International Office in New York introduced the airline’s staff to the tourist potential of Kraków, the region of Małopolska and the entire country. He also emphasized that besides numerous tourist highlights, Poland also offers a convenient stopover point on the way to other European destinations. Together with its flights to Poland, American Airlines is also introducing a direct service to Prague and Budapest.

In December American Airlines representatives and their tour operator partners were invited by Polska Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish Tourism Organisation - POT) to visit Kraków and Małopolska. The Kraków Airport hosted a site inspection and a welcome meal, while the involvement of the Municipality of Kraków and the Małopolska Regional Tourism Organisation made it possible for the participants to become familiar with Poland’s wintertime must-sees - traditional Polish Christmas customs, Christmas markets, Polish cuisine, the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, awe-inspiring Polish mountains, as well as the SPA offer. American tourists particularly appreciate Poland’s historical architecture, attractions included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, first-rate food, hotels, and highly affordable SPA services.

Successive operations of POT and American Airlines inspired by the launch of the new service to Poland will include, i.a. visits of media representatives and joint marketing campaigns.

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