Maciej Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska in a new Polish Tourism Organisation campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisations launched a new campaign called “Złap wiosenny oddech” (which can be loosely translated as “Catch a breath of spring”). Its goal was to promote domestic urban and rural tourism, also during the low season. The ambassadors of the campaign was a celebrity couple, Maciej Dowbor and Joanna Koroniewska.

Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor in the Catch the Spring Breath campaign

“Złap wiosenny oddech” is a promo campaign of the Polish Tourism Organisation based on the concept of a challenge involving the well-known TV personalities and influencers, Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor. At the invitation of POT, they visited places in Poland, each time facing the choice of going either to a city or a place in the countryside. “City break or relaxation amid nature?” was the theme of the challenge.

Three Polish Tourism Brands were the main directions of their travels: Beskidy Mountains, Cieszyn Silesia and Poznań. Reports from Koroniewska and Dowbor’s trips were published on their social media channels: TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

“This campaign, carried out by POT with Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor, gave us an opportunity to show what is most beautiful in our region, i.e. diversity. In the Beskids, you can spend your time actively, but there are also plenty of places where you can relax, enjoy peace and quiet as well as local hospitality. The reach and impact of the campaign exceeded our expectations. This is a great form of promotion for the Beskidy Polish Tourism Brand,” said Marcin Filip, director of the REGION BESKIDY association.

“Poznań is a dream destination for a weekend city break. We have been promoting Poznań as an ideal place for a family trip for years now. Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor showed in their campaign what is best in Poznań, combining history with fun and an extremely wide range of food choices. Poznań is becoming the “capital of Polish gastronomy”, and thanks to the profiles of Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor we managed to present this in a unique way. The combination of three social media has produced spectacular results and fan reactions have exceeded our expectations,” stressed Jan Mazurczak, President of the Poznań Local Tourism Organisation.

The aim of the campaign was to create a trend among Poles for travelling in Poland, and to promote regions with special emphasis on the winners of the prestigious Polish Tourism Brand title. Building on the rivalry between city break destinations and natural areas, urban and rural tourism were promoted at the same time. The fact that the campaign took place before the summer season also encouraged tourists to extend their travel plans beyond the high season.

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