Look for REset in the Polish countryside – a new Polish Tourism Organisation campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisation is directing tourists' attention to rural areas, which are one of the post-pandemic travel trends. Until the end of June, the murals in Warsaw and Cracow will encourage people to REset close to nature.

Mural in Warsaw

Rural tourism is one of the most essential branches of tourism. The REset campaign is a response to the needs of domestic tourists looking for a break from the big-city lifestyle, mainly busy city dwellers. The Polish Tourism Organisation wants to inspire Poles to discover unknown spots in Poland and spend time with their families in places that attract with their local traditions and authenticity.

The aim of the campaign is to promote rural tourism and the best agritourism destinations among the inhabitants of Polish cities. The extensive leisure offer in the countryside is an attractive form of relaxation, especially for people from large urban centres, active tourists and  families. A great help in gathering a budget on trips to the countryside is the Polish Tourist Voucher, which can be used for covering the cost of stays in agritourist facilities. The list of entities is available at:

“We can see a growing demand for this form of leisure. Trips to the countryside, especially in the eastern regions of Poland, help you escape the daily rush, calm down and gain strength while being close to nature. We want to encourage city dwellers to take a short or longer REset and enjoy with all their senses the best that the Polish countryside has to offer," encourages Rafał Szmytke, President of the Polish Tourism Organisation.

The campaign is in line with the latest global tourism trends. With the growing interest in 'slow' tourism, the World Tourism Organisation has declared 2020 as the year of 'Tourism and Rural Development'.

The name of the REset campaign is also an inspiring play on words and a reference to the response to the emails "RE:" and "set," meaning a “setup” and, in this case, being ready to explore Poland.

Innovative and ecological

For the murals covering a total of 90 m2, the ecological façade paint KNOxOUT was used, which reduces harmful nitrogen oxides to 0.44 grams per square metre. Its environmental effect can be compared to that of a single medium-sized tree. It is estimated that 8.1 million m3 of air will be filtered over a month. Through photocatalysis, Nano titanium dioxide in the coating triggers a series of chemical processes that interact with pollutants.

A garland measuring 3 m2 at its widest point is a crucial element of the mural. In Warsaw it consists of two, and in Cracow of three parts. During its installation, an optimal solution was found. It is based on the balance between lightness and stability of the structure so that June storms and wind will not threaten it. The garlands feature many types of natural grasses of different colours and textures, reminiscent of the gifts of nature gathered in the meadows. The whole is decorated with poppies, margaritas and cornflowers blowing in the wind.

On 21 June, Midsummer Night, an event will be held at the murals to reinforce the campaign's message.

The project was made possible with the support of the RW Group and

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