Lonely Planet’s editorial team discovers Lower Silesia

At the turn of September and October, the editor-in-chief of the Dutch branch of Lonely Planet visited Lower Silesia. The visit was organised by the Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with the Wrocław City Hall and the Lower Silesian Tourism Organisation.

Editor-in-chief of Lonely Planet in the Barycz Valley

This is already the third trip to Poland of representatives of this highly esteemed travel magazine. During the previous trips, the guests from the Netherlands had visited Kraków, Małopolska and Warsaw. The next destination, Wrocław and the surrounding area, was selected by the magazine’s editorial team itself, fascinated by the previous trips to Poland. The writers were interested in subjects related to Wrocław’s tumultuous history and its present tourism offer, as well as the unique beauty of Polish nature.

The visit, which lasted several days, focused on visiting Wrocław and the Barycz Valley, where the journalists saw Milicz, local attractions and a fish farm. An important point of the agenda was the observation of nature and a photo-safari with birdwatching in the valley. The guests loved the workshops in the famous Bolesławiec factory, during which they learned the secrets of creating ceramic products, popular also in the Netherlands. They spent a night at the Kliczków Castle and visited the beautiful Church of Peace in Jawor on the way back to Wrocław.

The guests found their third trip to Poland very satisfactory. They stressed that the places they had seen were “highly interesting,” and the people whom they had met “hospitable and talking with passion about the region.”

Thanks to direct flights and a relatively short driving distance, Wrocław and the entire region are definitely an interesting proposal for the Dutch tourist. With its wide range and variety of attractions, everyone can find something to suit their needs. 

The good cooperation between the POT International Office in Amsterdam and the Lonely Planet’s editorial team resulted in promoting Poland among the magazine’s readers a few times already during recent years. In the summer of 2021, the Lonely Planet portal ran a campaign promoting the Pomorskie Voivodship and Lower Silesia. As a result, the editor-in-chief decided to return for a press trip to Wrocław and the surrounding area. The coverage will be published in the Lonely Planet magazine, printed in 30 thousand copies. The presence of Poland in the magazine will be enhanced by an article ordered by the International Office, presenting destinations as part of the “Poland, more than you expected” campaign.

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