Łódź covered by French Télérama Sortir

French cultural weekly Télérama Sortir featured a one-page article dedicated to Łódź. Sophie Berthier, author of Łódź, between Manchester and Hollywood stayed in the city in April as part of a fam trip staged by Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with Łódź Tourism Organisation.

The journalist recommends Łódź as intriguing city-break destination. She compares a trip to the former factory city to taking a fantastic leap into the past, architecture, art, as well as science. She also emphasizes that all the must-see highlights are available on foot or by public transportation, including trams. Berthier recommends, i.a. touring the Film Museum and recalls world-famous alumni of the Film School in Łódź. When walking down Piotrkowska Street, she advises her readers to explore local courtyards and street art, recommends OFF Piotrkowska and its boutiques, restaurants and numerous art galleries. The list of attractions discussed by the author also includes a visit to the Jewish Łódź Cemetery, the largest Jewish necropolis in Europe. Berthier sums up her brief if highly informative coverage by emphasizing that Łódź is filled by palpable communicative energy.

With circulation of 594,049 Télérama Sortir is a TV guide added to the Télérama weekly (a publication of Le Monde press group), with one page dedicated to travels. The same article was also published in the weekly’s portal (, which records 7,452,962 visits a month.

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